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Usually, wealthy people want to own a boat or a yacht. Why? Maybe that is what make them feeling truly rich, or they want to show people what they can have. It doesn’t matter for real because we will talk about the boats, not to their owner.

Some of them are public because they are cruise ships. In the world exists a lot of yachts used for this kind of trips and they are very popular.

We will talk a little about the most five expensive boats and what they offer. This classification is available for the year 2016.


Number 1

The Streets of Monaco

It is named like that because it is considered a floating city. Its purpose was to bring Monaco city on a yacht.

It’s worth is $1billion, and this big boat offers the following things:

– Customers will see replicated the most beautiful buildings and streets of Monaco; for example, the famous Monte Carlo Casino or Monte Carlo Grand Prix. It is very big- it has almost the size of the city.

– swimming pools;

– pubs and restaurants;

– tennis and maybe golf courts:

-libraries and shops;

– parking places for smaller boats;

– A submarine; yes, it can sound weird by why not? It’s very extravagant, but it is also amazing; if you got bored, you can go and see the ocean;


Number 2


It also has a submarine and everything that the first one offer. It’s worth is $800 million

Eclipse was made in Germany but it is owned by a russian businssman from 2010.  It is the second most expensive yacht and it is also the second when it’s about his size.  It has a mini-submarine, two helipads, 24 guest cabins, a disco-hall and many other rooms.


Number 3

Azzam that required $600 million to be built.

Azzam is also an Arabian yacht, and it was delivered in 2013. It also has a submarine and many rooms for relaxation and having fun.  It is considered a Super Yacht and its length are 180m. The owner is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.


Number 4

Dubai -$400 million

It is owned by the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates who is also the ruler of Emirate of Dubai. It is the third when it’s about the cost, but it is also the third when we talk about its size. Its name wasn’t Dubai from the beginning: Platinum was the first name of this yacht.


Number 5

SuperyachtA only $325 million

It is 119 meters long, but It is breathtaking, it has two swimming pools, a fantastic interior and what makes it unique is the presence of two tenders. It is owned by Andrei Melchenko.


You can see the big difference between the most expensive yacht and the last one- almost $700 million make the difference. If you are asking why to go and check the existing photos with these yachts and you will see.

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In our day’s people who are millionaire or billionaire want to own their boats. But, their boats are yachts, not just simple boats.

The most expensive one cost almost $1,2 billion, and it looks like Monaco City. If we have a top ten most expensive boats(yachts) the second one is $800million, the fifth almost $350 million and the next five are something between $150 – $350 million.

Some of them are public and let people from the entire world travel with them, and other are owned by a single individual. All of them have swimming pools inside and outside, restaurants, bars or places for having fun as casinos and not only.

Such a big boat needs a lot of power to move, and great engineers worked together to make the perfect yacht. Building a ship lasts years, but the hardest thing is to find the perfect man to do it.

The richest people in the world want to have the most beautiful and powerful yachts, so they want to pay how much it is needed for them.

People love to travel by boat because they feel more relaxed. No one can annoy them, they can feel free from stress, and they can enjoy the trip.

Why choose boat trip instead of anything else?

Well, visiting countries by airplane are good only if you want to visit one city because you do not have easy access to transport to see other cities from the country you visit. Visiting by car is also hard because you will be exhausted and it will take a lot of time. But, if you choose to travel by boat, you will see a lot of cities from different countries, and you will feel relaxed and ready to explore.

Travel yachts are many, and you can choose if you want to travel with the most expensive and the biggest one: The streets of Monaco, or if you want to go with smaller ones. The difference is the conditions, but you can’t choose a yacht that does not offer you enough services and luxurious conditions because something like that didn’t exist.

Each travel yacht works with many motors, and their force and rapidity depend on them. There are many types of motors but in our day’s yachts have the most modern types to offer their customers the best conditions.

The technology behind the engines, meaning how they are working and why they are so modern, it’s complicated, and only engineers know about them. What is important for people and the customers is that they are made better for their safety and pleasure.

If you love to be on a ship, don’t hesitate to go for a holiday on one of them. First, search and find the best one, look after the prices and book a holiday!

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Moving houses can be a stressing affair if you are short of manpower. Moving bulky items like the sofa is impossible if you do not have help.  A house removals service is your best bet in moving house or office quickly and drama free especially when you engage professional removals company such as Easi Movers. There are many benefits of engaging these services as compared to moving DIY.

No stress

The whole moving process can be very stressful. You need to dismantle items, pack, load them on the moving van or truck, unload at the new house, unpack and place the items where you want them in the new house. All this can be very tiring if you are doing it alone. Even when family lends a hand, it can be a chaotic affair. A house removals service will take over all these tasks and leave you to focus on moving the family.

Customized vehicle

Trying to move the house using your personal car is just absurd. It is not shaped and built to handle bulky items. A moving can is likely to be purpose built such that it has loading ramps and the shocks have been strengthened to take on heavy loads. Easi Movers use specific vehicles that can load all your belongings safely and securely.

Equipment and tools

Dismantling and re-assembling items will require a set of tools that you do not have.  Lifting and moving heavy items like cupboards and sofas will also require special equipment like hoisting pulleys and ropes. You will also have access to packing boxes from the removals service instead of moving around supermarkets asking for cartons. A house removals service comes with all the equipment and tools needed for the job, along with enough manpower to get the job done quickly. Easi Movers can provide you with a team of 2 or 3 people that will help you to handle effectively even the most difficult jobs.


Common risks in moving houses include damage and theft of the items. If you opt to move on your own and anything happens to the items, this would be a loss. A removals service is covered by insurance meaning that your items will be recovered if they are damaged when being handled by the removals service.

Time Saving

You will need several days to move a house with many items. A house removals service, on the other hand, will quickly handle these items and have you settled in your new house on the same day.  You will save time and money as you will not have to spend a night in rented lodgings.


At times, the storage in the new house may not be adequate, or the moving time may be mismatched with that of the current house. You will need storage services. A house removals service can provide the storage as you look for a more permanent solution.


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Cleaning involves more than washing dishes, clothes, surfaces and electronic appliances. Cleaning means also ironing and washing carpets (not just vacuum them)!

Many people in London who have very busy schedules hate cleaning because it takes so much time and it also is hard to do it. You need to take care of any fold because you can’t let any of one be on your clothes. It is a really exhausting thing because you need experience to do it quickly, if you do not have it, it will take you a lot of time and, of course, you also need a lot of patience.

We know that you do not have time for that and also you really do not like it! It’s something really boring for many people, so here we are to get you rid of it!

Almost all people from London who love to do it work at our Clean&Clean company! Our cleaners (especially woman) are also attested to iron your mountain of clothes, so they will do it in a professional way.

You can choose our Domestic Services by booking it and also you can choose Spring Cleaning that include Ironing Service or any other service such as Tenancy Cleaning that comes with this service.

Because we want you to be satisfied and happy with our services, we will try to come at the hour you want, even if we are busy at that moment. Our cleaners are very flexible and quickly! If you have a last moment meeting and you need an ironing service immediately, we assure you that a worker of us can be here for you!

Our ladies that are ironing your clothes are specialized in this services, so they can iron everything: shirts, trousers, t-shirts, sheets, even bed linen, pillow cases and jeans! It doesn’t matter for our workers how hard it is, they will be very quickly and professional! Our iron is the latest technology in this kind of service because you want to bring together with us professionalism! If you want, we can wash and dry your clothes before ironing them!

The price depends on how much clothes you have to iron, because you will pay this services depending on how much hours our ladies work for you! You must know that they can iron approximately 15 clothes an hour!

The price is the same for domestic cleaning, that is why we tell you first that you can choose also Domestic Cleaning service that include Ironing and many other cleaning services such as End of Tenancy Cleaning.

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We are sure that you already find a good house share in London for you and your preferences, but, when you are a tenant, you must know some information about your deposit.

But, the first question is: what is a tenancy deposit?

Well, a tenancy deposit is the money you pay to your landlord as guarantee for eventually damages! Also, your deposit will be for an eventually unpaid rent. When you come to an end of tenancy and you do not do any damages or if you pay always your rent on time, you will get your deposit back.

The first step you have to follow when you first move in is to pay a deposit. It is necessary to move in a new house as a tenant. You can do it with help from a deposit guarantee scheme but also you can always try to rent a room in London.

Your deposit is protected, so you don’t have to worry about it! Your landlord has to put it in a government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme. You need to have a deposit to give a guarantee to your landlord. You can give him as deposit your car or another valuable thing but it will not be protected!

Don’t worry about your deposit because you will receive it back, but with some conditions: to not damage the property, but in case you do it you have the responsibility to repair what you damaged and to announce your landlord about it; to pay your bills and rent on time, and in case you can’t do it on time to announce him and ask him to wait for you; and of course to respect all your terms from the agreement.

Your landlord has to protect your deposit, by giving you a paper where he writes all terms.

When you come to an end with your tenancy, your landlord has to return your deposit within 10 days from the day you both decided to get it back.

Now it’s time to tell you about repair. Your landlord has some responsibilities with that as: repair the exterior of your property, to repair water installation, heating and he must provide you hot water. He has to provide you ventilation, gas installation in a good condition and also electrical installation in a good condition.

But, if you damage something it is your responsibility to repair them, but only if your landlord is agreeing with that. If something is damaged and you aren’t responsible for it, your landlord has to repair it. The best landlords are available at:

citi clean company

Your house is a mess? You need an urgent and perfect cleaning? Tenancy Cleaning London can help you with what you need whenever you want?

Efficiency, professionalism and seriousity are qualities of tenancy cleaning London. We know that you need them and we try to satisfy your desires.

What can Tenancy Cleaning London do for you?

– spring cleaning;

– domestic cleaning;

– carpet cleaning;

– ironing;

– end of tenancy cleaning and many other services are here for you ready to be wanted!

What is the most popular/wanted cleaning service at Tenancy Cleaning London?

End of tenancy cleaning because London is a big city, full of tenants and lodgers that do not have enough time or the mood to clean an entire house or room.

Why people should choose Tenancy Cleaning London if they need a lease cleaning London service or other kind of cleaning service?

Because this company offers a professional tenancy cleaning for very person that call for a cleaner’s team. Tenancy Cleaning London workers are skilled persons that love to do this job. They have also finished some courses in cleaning domain. They also have diplomas that attest that they know how to do it in professional way or that they know how to use all the different products for every kind of surface, floors and furniture. It is very important for you and your house to call for a team that knot what products to use because every type of wood, faience, sandstone, sofas material need to be cleaned with a special chemical product.

So, now you know what to do if you want a professional end of tenancy cleaning or a professional cleaning generally (spring cleaning, office cleaning and so on).

But, what Tenancy Cleaning London their end of tenancy cleaning service can offer you?

If you choose that lease cleaning London service, you will be exempted of every kind of effort when it is about cleaning. All your rooms, surfaces, floors will be cleaned of dirty, dust, fat or bacteria. (because products used by Tenancy Cleaning London cleaners are also antibacterial). Cleaners will vacuum, mopping and they will do everything you need.

You do not need to come to an end with your tenancy agreement to call for a team! If you are during your contract or at the beginning of an agreement, Tenancy Cleaning London cleaners will come to your rented house to help you with such an exhausting work!

Tenancy Cleaning London wants to make everyone life’s easier, even if they are tenant that are at the beginning, in the middle or at the final of an agreement.

citi clean

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Citi Clean wants to offer to people the best things, so you will find here professional cleaners that are ready to clean your entire house!

So, let’s talk a little about your deposit. You will have it back when end of tenancy cleaners will finish their job, because they can help you with that! You do not need to pay more, so go for it!

If you choose an end of tenancy cleaning service in London, you will pay after Citi Clean end of tenancy cleaners will finish their job and after you will inspect what they did to be sure that they did what they had to. Every cleaners team have a supervisor. You will pay to him when the job is finished.

Tenancy cleaning in London is very important for tenants because it save them from a hard work when they decide to move out from their rented house. End of tenancy cleaners are made to save you, as a tenant, from having a bad day cleaning the entire house. It is a tenant responsibility to do it when he leaves the house and it takes a lot. It is better for you to do it someone else!

An end of tenancy cleaners team will clean all the house! They will vacuum, mopping, clean all the windows and doors, floors, electronics, all the furniture, all light fittings, your entire bathroom and kitchen. Shortly: all the rooms you have. The initially price doesn’t include carpet cleaning! You have to pay more for it! An end of tenancy cleaning service in London is a hard work and it have to be perfectly, that’s why Citi Clean professional cleaners use also professional chemicals and products to clean all the things they have to.

An end of  tenancy cleaning service in London is a wanted service because London is full of tenants. Prices are good for everyone! Students, workers, retirees all of them can afford this kind of job!

If you are a tenant who still live in the house you rented, you can choose another options as: spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, ironing or emergency cleaning. No one likes more to do cleaning than Citi Clean end of tenancy cleaners, so you can let do this job every time you need it.

End of lease cleaning in London may be one from the most important things for a tenant that is moving out because his ex-landlord can say good or bad things to his future landlord depending on that end of tenancy cleaning!

If you are moving out, choosing an end of tenancy cleaning in London is the best choice!